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Vida's Concrete Contractor
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 11 reviews
Sep 30, 2019
by Mike G. Bryant on Vida's Concrete Contractor
Dependable Contractors

My brother told me about your company and since I trust his opinion, I didn't think twice to entrust with the repairs of my driveway. After watching your work, I can confirm that you are truly competent and dependable concrete driveway contractors. Keep up the great work.

Sep 29, 2019
by Brian Walker on Vida's Concrete Contractor
Top-Notch Company

You are a miracle worker. I was certain that I would have to strip and replace my heavily cracked driveway but to my surprise, your specialists managed to repair the compromised areas and restore its integrity. I will be referring to your concrete driveway crack repair services because they truly get things done.

Sep 27, 2019
by B. Connor on Vida's Concrete Contractor
Skilled Professionals

My driveway was starting to show signs of wear and tear so I called your company and book your concrete driveway resurfacing services. Your technicians arrived at my house at the discussed hours and after a quick inspection, got to work. A few hours later, my driveway was looking as good as the day that I had it laid down.

Sep 26, 2019
by Claude G. Webber on Vida's Concrete Contractor
Great Work

I was looking for a company that specializes in colored concrete and many of my friends told me to call you. You were very courteous on the phone while the price in your quote was more than reasonable. Working with your company was a pleasure as you executed all my demands to their finest details.

Sep 25, 2019
by Adam K. on Vida's Concrete Contractor
A+ Services

You are the concrete contractor that I trust with my concrete projects because you always get things done right. The professionalism of your employees is exemplary while your work ethics are top-notch. I am happy to refer your services.

Sep 24, 2019
by Shirley E. Reagan on Vida's Concrete Contractor
Quick and Very Efficient

I was looking for a trustworthy service provider, as I needed colored concrete for my property's external features. You did an admirable job! I've never thought that I would be urging myself to write a review for a service like this but you definitely impressed me. You have five stars from me and the recommendations that you deserve.

Sep 21, 2019
by Lee H. Perry on Vida's Concrete Contractor
Impressive Repair Jobs

I'll be forever grateful for the concrete driveway repair you provided me with. It's not just about the look of the property with the repaired driveway, it's about the whole customer experience thing - you made it all easy with your professional approach from day one. Once again, thank you for your professionalism and perseverance. 5 stars from me!

Sep 17, 2019
by Cheryl R. Monroe on Vida's Concrete Contractor
Excellent Finishing Touches

I don't just like your concrete driveway resurfacing, I love it. It is definitely a job well done that is visible when people take a look at the finishing touches. Not even a single flow. I'm sure that your vast experience wasn't in vain. And of course, I will give my recommendations as soon as people start asking me.

Sep 11, 2019
by Jose B. Moore on Vida's Concrete Contractor
Much Needed Service

This is a service that I would gladly recommend after these guys helped me out. They provided me with concrete driveway crack repair that is second to none. You will be amazed by their dedication, so don't postpone and call them. I guarantee that they know all the specifics of their job and you will be happy.

Sep 5, 2019
by Noreen D. Buss on Vida's Concrete Contractor
Thank You So Much

This service is perfectly suited to the needs and requests of people searching for reliable concrete driveway contractors. If you are one of these, don't wait too long, call these contractors and enjoy and quick and very efficient service. I'm using this chance to tell them how I appreciate them. Thank you, people!

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